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WATER RESISTANT200 Metres Water Resistant
ACCURACY+/- 15 seconds per month
AIRPLANE MODERadio wave signals can be disabled when flying or in a medical facility
ALARM FUNCTION5 Multi-Function Alarms: 1. Daily Alarm; 2. Monthly Alarm; 3. Alarm for a particular time each day of a particular month; 4. Date Alarm; 5. Snooze Alarm, Hourly time signal: The watch beeps every hour on the hour
AUTO CALENDAROnce set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date
BATTERY LEVEL INDICATORAn indicator shows the current battery charge level
BATTERY LIFEApproximately 19 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge)
BLUETOOTH® CONNECTIVITYPhone Finder: Pressing a button on the watch will emit an audible tone from your phone, even in silent mode., The watch can be wirelessly connected to a compatible smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The energy-saving technology enables access to a host of functions., The watch will automatically synchronise it's time when connected to a compatible smartphone
CASE MATERIALStainless Steel, Carbon
CORE GUARD STRUCTUREFour stainless-steel pipes form a metal frame that joins the bezel securely with the case back for increased shock resistance, New Carbon Core Guard Structure
COUNTDOWN TIMER FUNCTIONCountdown Range: 24 hours, Measuring Unit: 1/10 second
DATE AND WEEKDAY DISPLAYThe current date and week day are displayed on the watch face
DATE DISPLAYThe current date is displayed on the watch face
DIMENSIONS53.3 x 49.2 x 14.5 mm
HAND SHIFT FUNCTIONWith a push of a button, hands move away from the LCD to permit free visibility.
DISPLAY ILLUMINATIONDual Illuminator: Separate illumination of the analogue and digital components ensures optimum readability in low light conditions., Full Auto Light: In low light, the watch face will illuminate automatically when you tilt your wrist towards you, Selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), With afterglow
ISO 200M WATER RESISTANTSuitable for professional diving
MAGNETIC RESISTANCEThe case has been specially mounted to be shielded from magnetic fields.
MINERAL GLASSHard glass resists scratching
MUTE FUNCTIONThe button tones on the mode button can be switched off for discreet operation. Pre-set alarm or timer functions remain active.
NEOBRITEA luminous coating on the watch hands provides illumination in the dark.
POWER SAVINGAfter the Alert: The following operations are stopped to save power: all hand movement (excluding the day indicator), Bluetooth connection, if applicable, and alarms
SHOCK RESISTANTPatented Hollow Core Guard Structure protects against impact and vibration
SMART ACCESS INTERFACESmart Access makes it easy to operate multi-function watches. Simply pulling out and rotating the crown provides intuitive control over all functions.
SOLAR POWERA high-capacity solar-charging system harnesses the power of any light source for reliable watch operation with minimal impact to the environment.
STOPWATCH FUNCTIONMeasuring Capacity: 24 hours, Measuring Modes: Elapsed time, split time, Measuring Unit: 1/1000 second (for the first 60 minutes) 1/10 second (after 60 minutes)
TOUGH MVTLayers of light weight fine resin are incorporated into the Hybrid Mount Construction for excellent durability even when exposed to centrifugal gravitational forces up to 15G.
TRIPLE G RESISTShock Resistant, Vibration Resistant and Centrifugal Force Resistant
VIBRATION RESISTANTResistant against vibration from heavy duty operations
WORLD TIMECASIO WATCH+ World Time lets you select from among approximately 300 cities as the World Time City, Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world
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